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Drawing of National Geographic Magazine on Stella McCartney brand on 100% biodegradable corn based shopping bag. Stella McCartney brand refrains from using animal parts in its line of clothing and shoes using instead synthetic materials usually derived from petroleum resources, unlike this bag.
National geographic image and layout drawn from July 2001 issue focusing on the loss of habitat for wild grizzly bears with back advertisement for Toyota 4runner: “Toyota has rolled back prices on every new 4Runner by up to $1,500 on select models. Which means you can get this legendary SUV starting at only
$26,8151∗” Inside issue: special coverage of Urban sprawl development and %0 down housing sales, Cover-story about loss of adequate habitat for wild grizzly bears. Inside bag is an actual National Geographic issue from May 1980 inside the issue is an article on cutting down of rainforest and replacement with trees
grown for paper production. “I always wanted to plant trees like rows of corn”, Daniel K. Ludwig. This drawing meets STM guidelines and will degrade in 2 to 5 months with proper conditions, biodegradability of 1980 National Geographic issue unknown.

∗ MSRP of vehicle shown $27,725