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Metabolic Rifts and Domestic interiors. Or collaborations with wildflower seeds.

These works are grown inside pre consumer discarded plastic packaging. They span mental references between a post-apocalyptic space and regenerative renewing practices. They are generally placed amid larger installations with drawings and other sculptures of the pollinators for which they are a host species.
The works often take on a bodily shape and are relatable, the multiple plants growing together to form one body or persona. The transparentness of the industrial commodity plastic exposes the soil in long tubes, subtilty nodding to excrement and the ways natural cycles have been disrupted by the fact that in contemporary culture we sit on white pedistals while our shit is flushed away with pristine clean water and does not return to nourish and replenish the soil that we depend on.

“Metabolic rift is Karl Marx's concept of ecological crisis tendencies under capitalism. Marx theorized a rupture in the metabolic interaction between humanity and the rest of nature emanating from capitalist agricultural production and the growing division between town and country.”