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Customer, Earl Stirling

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I first fell under this sunset, confused by the transition from light to glowing, while in an industrial blight. No directions were given, and it distracted me, captured my focus from my work that needed to be done, that needed to finish before darkness fell. Then I found out, this sunset wasn't the one I thought it was... it wasn't the one I expected.

Now I know it's a metaphor... a teasing introduction to a butterfly I'll never know. I'll re-read about it again and again, fantasizing glimpsing it as I drive down Sloat or Lincoln, or even 19th. Not while shifting into 3rd gear or applying the brakes, but legs gyrating wildly as I run and launch myself from the slip face of the dune to flutter away under its blue wings.

But that sunset is gone, and I'll never know the first.

— Earl Stirling